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Customer Success Storie

Pat Teaford - Nitro Street

Pat Teaford has been a maker of custom car engines and parts, as well as a builder of hot rods for over 20 years. Pat grew up on a farm in Kansas and in addition to learning all of the responsibilities of raising pigs, beef and dairy cows; he began, at an early age, to be interested in things mechanical in nature. He began by designing go-carts and by the 5th grade, was actually starting to weld his designs together!
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Cal Farley's

"The makers of TurboCAD have done a great job making the type of program (CAD) that I was intimidated by very easy to use. It has the power of other programs priced in the high hundreds if not thousands..."
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PlanRoom Central

"TurboCAD is undoubtedly the most powerful CAD program available in its price range. PlanRoom Central has completed over 500 new residential homes, residential additions, and commercial projects with TurboCAD..."
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Textual Creations

"I began using TurboCAD in 2002 and all these years later I still get excited when I think about using TurboCAD on a daily basis..."
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Textual Creations and Nature's Sleep

"...TurboCAD handled it all in stride. I must say that I am very pleased with TurboCAD's performance and I will continue to place my faith in it..."
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Avalon Design Services Limited

"TurboCAD also saves valuable workshop time because it allows users to save in file formats that can be read directly to CNC machine tools, allowing more design time to be spent on other products...."
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The Experimental Elementary Particle Physics group

"Whether it is a simple mechanical drawing needed for the construction of a part, or keeping track of the many complex systems within an experiment, the TurboCAD program has and will continue to play an important role as the responsibilities of my job grow more and more complex..."
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