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Avalon Design Services Limited

Avalon Design Services Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company that provides customers with complete and innovative engineering design services using modern, 3 dimensional computer aided design software.

Avalon Design Services Limited provides a number of services from the design of jigs and fixtures, machines, hand tools, electronic test fixtures (bed-of-nails), golf clubs, robotics/automation and factory layouts to name but some. By visiting our gallery, you will see a selection of tools and fixtures that we are proud to have designed. Due to our continued client confidentiality, which we are proud to respect, we are only able to show a small selection of what we are capable of. We do thank those clients for allowing us, Avalon Design Services Limited, the privilege of using their finished product.

Our mission statement is:

To provide our customers with superior product design through cost, delivery, continuous improvement and customer interaction to give them the competitive edge.

TurboCAD helps not only myself, but also customers because they can see a 3 dimensional drawing of their product. TurboCAD also saves valuable workshop time because it allows users to save in file formats that can be read directly to CNC machine tools, allowing more design time to be spent on other products.

What product (if any) was used before TurboCAD was integrated and why did we choose TurboCAD over others?

As I had the use of a customer’s 3D design software, the time came where the purchase of our own software was required, due to gaining further customers and licensing issues. We looked at various options; file saving formats, ease of use, support and of course what we were getting for our dollar. It must also be said here, that if it were not for a visit to IMSI/Design in Novato and talking to staff there, we perhaps would not have made the purchase, as the staff there showed us what could be done and what was going to be in future versions. With all the above, this did sway us to the purchase.

Do we foresee the use of TurboCAD in the future?

There is no reason to change products and there are a number of reasons – presently, with some other name brand CAD software packages, support fees are payable but not a compulsory need and this is an out going that could and can pay for another stand alone license of TurboCAD. Upgrades to TurboCAD are part of the license and are therefore ‘free’ – I use freely as we still pay for download/internet usage. When a new version arrives, we pay the upgrade price. Also, I can recover the cost of TurboCAD on one job, which I have done and any company or person trading welcomes the early repayment on an investment in software.

Generally, I rate this product very highly (coming from a SolidWorks background) and although, not on the same level as SolidWorks, the output is equal to.

To view some of the work done with TurboCAD, visit and navigate to ‘Gallery’. This is only a small portion of what as been done, and due to customer & client confidentiality, we cannot show all work.

Steve Maynard-Smith.
Owner, Avalon Design Services Ltd.
Christchurch, New Zealand.

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