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Cal Farley

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is a modern community of boys and girls who have found "a shirttail to hang onto." In a nurturing, structured environment, boys and girls from pre-school through high school live in group homes with house parents and a supportive community.

Young people from throughout the United States enjoy a variety of academic, vocational, spiritual and extra-curricular activities to help them become responsible and resilient young people.

The Boys Ranch Independent School District (BRISD) serves as an integral part of the community with K-12 grade academic and vocational preparation.

Last year, Cal Farley's Boys Ranch cared for 354 children in residence with an average length of stay of more than four years for those finishing high school. The Ranch, founded by Cal Farley in 1939, is located 36 miles northwest of Amarillo, Texas.

At the Ranch I am, Coordinator of Resources and Utilities. I perform administrative and field work related to the coordination of capital assets, utility identification and planning, and environmental quality compliance programs.

This led me into the large project of mapping out infrastructure. After a few days of research on the internet, and working with a couple of trial programs, TurboCAD and Auto CAD, I chose to purchase TurboCAD. This being the first time I have worked with a CAD program, I found that TurboCAD was very user friendly and after only a few short training with CAD fundamentals, I was up and running. Now, we have a current map of our campus with all our utilities, and the ability to have each utility on its own layer is fabulous. If we need to see only our in ground utilities to plan our fiber optics routes it’s all there with a few short clicks, I have a 36”x48” map.

The makers of TurboCAD have done a great job making a CAD program very easy to use. I know that using TurboCAD for only 6 months doesn’t make me a pro, but I can sure make it do what we need it to. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a CAD program. It has the power of other programs priced in the high hundreds if not thousands.

I can foresee my next project being drawing floor plans for all the buildings on campus, and looking at the other products IMSI have, I want to use Turbo Floor Plan Pro. It looks as if it will make my next big project go faster than I thought it could.

Robert Miller
Coordinator of Resources and Utilities
Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

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