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TurboCAD LTE v3 Patch

TurboCAD LTE Updates

TurboCAD LTE v3 displays disabled menu items indicating “Pro” features available in TurboCAD LTE Pro only. If you would like to remove the Pro only menu items, please perform the following steps:

   1. Close TurboCAD LTE
   2. Download and unzip , copy and replace the files in the following folder:

     Windows 7:
     C:\users\\Documents\TurboCAD LTE 3\Config

     Windows Vista:
     C:\Users\\AppData\ \IMSIDesign\TurboCAD\3\LTE\Profiles\Built-in\Config

     Windows XP:
     C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\IMSIDesign\TurboCAD\3\LTE\TurboCAD LTE 3\Config

  3. If the folder cannot be found, search for the file Def1024LTE.xcfg to find the folder location
      to replace files.
  4. Restart TurboCAD LTE, TurboCAD LTE Pro icons should now be removed.
  5. To restore Pro menu items, under menu “Tools|Customize|Options|Load From:”, load workspace
     “Def1024LTE_Show_Pro” or “ Def1024LTE” to turn off.

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