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TurboCAD Mac V7 updates

Note: The following updates will not work with the Apple Store version of TurboCAD Mac v7. To update Apple store builds please log in to Apple Store and select updates.

TurboCAD Mac version 7 64 bit builds. (Click to view changes)

TurboCAD Mac Designer v7 64 bit

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe v7 64 bit

TurboCAD Mac Pro v7 64 bit

Due to Apple's new requirements for the Apple Store Build 1028 will be the last 32 bit version of TurboCAD Mac.

TurboCAD Mac v7 32 Bit


TurboCAD Mac Designer v7 32 bit

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe v7 32 bit

TurboCAD Mac Pro v7 32 bit

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