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TurboCAD Pro v16 Updates

TurboCAD Pro v16.1 Patch

This patch will update Build 36.7 to build 47.5
Download TurboCAD Pro v16.1 Update

TurboCAD Pro v16.2 Updates

The 16.2 update build 54.0 will only update build 47.5 of TurboCAD Pro V16.1.
Download TurboCAD Pro v16.2 build 54.0 update

To check your build number select About TurboCAD… from the help menu.

Hatch Information – Problem of the incorrect area of Hatches being displayed in the Selection Info palette has been corrected. This sometimes occurred after executing the Format/Create Hatch command.

Rhino (.3DM) file import/export– resolved instability problems (TurboCAD crashes) when importing .3DM files; Boolean objects are now displayed in imported .3DM files; Architectural columns now correctly exported.

Selection Info – Values for Area of Slab now correctly displayed.

Walls – walls now consistently meeting after Convert to Wall tool used.

Workplane – Workplane and Workplane by Facet now work with External References (Xrefs).

When updating TurboCAD Deluxe version 16.0 to version 16.2, TurboCAD Deluxe v16.1 will need to be download and installed first.

TurboCAD Deluxe 16.2 Update

Download TurboCAD Deluxe v16.2

TurboCAD Deluxe 16.1 Update

Download Deluxe v16.1 update

When updating TurboCAD Designer version 16.0 to version 16.2, TurboCAD Designerv16.1 will need to be download and installed first.

TurboCAD Designer 16.2 Update

Download TurboCAD Designer v16.2

TurboCAD Designer 16.1 Update

Download TurboCAD Designer v16.1

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