TurboCAD LTE Pro Non-Valid License Found

The IMSI/Design Non-Valid License Tracking System has indicated that a copy of TurboCAD LTE Pro is running on at least one system at your facility. The product has not been properly licensed from IMSI/Design and is currently using a fraudulent serial number and activation code. This constitutes a violation of the IMSI/Design copyright and could result in serious and large monetary fines and penalties.

We know that understanding software licenses can be challenging. Licensing missteps are common, but IMSI/Design and our partners are here to help you.

Why is Valid Software Licensing Important?

When all of your software is genuine and properly licensed, you have:

  • Protection from the risks that can be associated with counterfeit software, such as viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Genuine and properly licensed software gives you peace of mind that your critical business information is safe and secure.
  • Reliability you can count on through reduced downtime caused by system failures and security breaches. Only genuine and properly licensed software is supported by IMSI/Design and provides access to all updates and optional downloads. 
  • Performance that is faster and gives your company a leg up. With genuine and properly licensed software, you save valuable time needed to complete business tasks and don’t need to worry about unwanted licensing interruptions. 
  • Confidence that your company is fully in compliance with it’s software licensing terms and is seen as a trustworthy, reputable business partner by your employees, partners, and customers.

How Did This Happen?

Customers like you want to do the right thing, but some are just unaware of the facts about IMSI/Design software licensing. Here are some of the most common licensing mistakes:

  • Scenario 1: Single user license on multiple computers – Each software license from IMSI/Design requires a unique serial number and activation key per workstation. The serial number and activation key allows for a second installation, but this is intended to be used in case of a system crash where reinstallation may be necessary, not for use on multiple computers.
  • Scenario 2: Confusing an upgrade with a full license - Upgrades require that a qualifying full license copy to be installed on the PC as a prerequisite. Users sometimes apply upgrade copies to new PCs without the prerequisite software, resulting in a single user license on multiple computers as noted above.
  • Scenario 3: Unintentional purchase of counterfeit software - Users sometimes discover that they have unintentionally installed counterfeit software. This can happen when the software is not acquired directly from IMSI/Design, through a trusted reseller, or in a full retail package. 
  • Scenario 4: The computer owner installed an illegally cracked “free” version of the software – Everyone loves free things and free software is surely to be an eye-catcher. But the cost to both you and our global economy can be great. Cracked software is typically loaded with Trojans, viruses and malicious programs that can wreck your computer and/or open you up to identity theft. And because the “free” software is essentially stolen, the theft hurts companies like IMSI/Design and its ability to employ the people that bring you our award-winning brands.

The above scenarios and other licensing issues constitute a violation of the IMSI/Design copyright. Continuing to use this non-valid licensed software could result in serious and large monetary fines and penalties.

Next Steps

IMSI/Design recommends that you first uninstall the non-valid software from your system, and run your security software to clear off any viruses, spyware, or other malicious software that may have contaminated your computer as a result of using non-valid software. Then, use the purchase button at the top of this page to order a genuine and properly licensed copy of TurboCAD LTE Pro.

If you are purchasing more than 10 copies of TurboCAD LTE Pro, IMSI/Design provides the opportunity to add additional CAD seats to your business at reduced prices through our volume discount program.

If you believe that our information is incorrect, please confirm in writing that you have purchased authorized copies of the TurboCAD LTE Pro software by sending an email with proof of purchase to

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