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TurboCAD LTE Pro v6
MSRP: $495.00
1.800.833.8082 or 1.415.483.8000
(Mon-Fri 7am-5pm PST)

Professional 2.5D Drafting and Detailing

TurboCAD LTE Pro is the advanced version of TurboCAD LTE. More than an AutoCAD LT® work-alike, it’s a professional 2.5D application that provides all the features you look for in AutoCAD LT, plus many more power features CAD professionals want.

Low Learning Curve

TurboCAD LTE Pro is designed to minimize switching costs for AutoCAD LT users. Menus, tools, and icons are easily recognizable. Familiar keystrokes, command line, palette interfaces and an intelligent cursor have been incorporated. Plus, exceptional compatibility with the latest .DWG and .DXF file filters allows you to continue to profit from your existing drawings.

Affordable Innovations

TurboCAD LTE Pro goes beyond AutoCAD LT to provide more advanced drafting and detailing capabilities. The powerful drafting palette works with solid or surface models, turning 3D designs into associative 2D views and detailed sections to complete your working drawing documentation. The page layout wizard makes this process even easier with two modes to optimize the creation of 2D layouts from either an architectural or a mechanical model. TurboCAD LTE Pro even supports external references, or "Xrefs," making editing more efficient, and helping to keep drawings in synch.

  • Extraordinary Drafting Palette
  • Page Layout Wizard
  • Support for Xrefs

Enhanced Productivity

TurboCAD LTE Pro v6 64-bit version takes advantage of expanded computer memory, so you can load, process, and render CAD files of nearly any size. The recently updated GPU-accelerated drawing engine provides lightning fast design navigation while many more professional tools boost productivity including:

  • Hyper-Accelerated Graphic Performance with GPU-based graphic cards
  • Geometric and Dimensional Constraints with D-Cubed v57 DCM engine
  • Parametric Parts Manager
  • PDF Underlay
  • Database Tools

Advanced Architectural Design

TurboCAD LTE Pro provides architectural features you won’t find in AutoCAD LT including dynamic dimensions, markers, geo-location, and a range of parametric, ACA/ADT compatible architectural objects.

  • Self-healing walls (straight and curved)
  • Doors, windows, and muntins
  • Roofs, slabs, stairs, and rails
  • Style manager
  • House Wizard


Support for customization through Ruby scripting and the Software Developers’ Kit allows for all sorts of routines, features, or full-fledged vertical applications to be developed and added right to the user interface.

  • Ruby Scripting
  • Software Development Kit with samples and .NET support


TurboCAD LTE Pro supports over 30 industry-standard file formats including .DWG, .SKP, and new U3D and 3D PDF, with the ability to convert groups of files with the batch file conversion utility.

  • Open & save .DWG, .DXF, and .DWF formats from AutoCAD R14 to 2012
  • New U3D and 3D PDF support
  • Superior workflow with Trimble SketchUp and MarkUp
  • MicroStation filter to open and save DGN files through v8

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