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TurboCAD LTE Pro v6
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Drafting & Detailing

Fast Drafting & Detailing

TurboCAD LTE Pro is rich in fundamental drawing tools and drawing aids that speed design.  A variety of visual styles are also available so that materials, fills, even transparent fills and gradients can to be used to add effects and visual clarity. Lines and custom line styles allow for color or width by layer. Polyline segments may have differing starting and ending line widths. Other speedy features include the quick and easy creation of views and viewports of any size and shape, and access to extensive paper space and printing capabilities, marker and schedule tools, leaders, multi-leaders, dimension tools, and symbols content. 

Extraordinary Drafting Palette

The Drafting Palette is one of the most powerful features for advanced drafting and detailing in TurboCAD LTE Pro. It works with solid or surface models, turning 3D designs into associative 2D views and detailed sections in a single click, even when working on an Xref. This means your sectional views and elevations in layout (paper space) will update automatically as the model changes. These object views can also be dimensioned and annotated rapidly. For added productivity, Drafting Palette items may be locked, essentially caching them until unlocked. This allows modeling to continue at speed – particularly important with larger models that have numerous sections, elevations, and views. Each section may be regenerated individually or all simultaneously.

Improved Associative Viewport Dimensions

Add dimensions to an object through a viewport in paperspace and the dimensions will update if the model changes.

New Entity Marks

Create custom marks to track, or count, objects and add information using Property Sets and Multi-View blocks.
Property Set Definitions- Create custom information for objects, and derive custom information from object geometry.
Multi-View Blocks – Define composites of blocks that can vary their appearance depending upon the viewpoint.

Powerful Parametric Constraints

The D-cubed constraint engine in TurboCAD LTE Pro gives you greater control and productivity, empowering your creativity.  By setting up geometric and dimensional constraints, you can enforce design intent, making it easier to very quickly modify a design.  Use them to get more done, create part families faster, incorporate red-line changes more quickly, and have the flexibility to evaluate different designs with ease. Geometric constraints determine the relationship of two pieces of geometry with each other.  Geometric constraints supported by TurboCAD LTE Pro include:
  • point to point coincident
  • point to line coincident
  • parallel
  • perpendicular
  • tangential
  • concentric
  • symmetrical
  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • mid-point constraint

Dimensional constraints determine the size of geometric entities. Dimensional constraints supported by TurboCAD LTE Pro include:

  • equal radius
  • equal length
  • equal distance
  • distance
  • length
  • angle

Parametric Parts Manager

Create and consume parts that remain parametrically controlled even after insertion into your drawing. There is also a method to draw variably constrained parts and convert them to parametric parts using a wizard.  Because the parts can be saved individually, like a symbol, libraries of .PPM objects can be created, shared, and reused from project to project.

Easy Design Director

This palette streamlines work and enhances productivity with advanced controls for Layers, Layer Filters, creating Layer Sets, setting and saving Work Planes, controlling Named Views, and more.

New Associative Arrays / Pattern Tools

Now users can rapidly create parametric patterns from 2D Objects and 2D Blocks.

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