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AutoCAD-Like User Interface

If you are an AutoCAD user, there is no need to re-learn what you already know. Install, start, and get up and running immediately without looking back. TurboCAD LTE’s familiar UI lets you concentrate on creating design and not on how to use the software.


  • Toolbars - Standard toolbar and icons function the same way as AutoCAD LT. Simply click and let the drawing begin.

  • Dynamic Input - Familiar heads up display with dynamic input at cursor.

  • Command line - Need the command line? No worries, TurboCAD LTE has it. Common keyboard aliases and quick keys are already included too and fully customizable. Even the ESC key works as expected.

  • Palettes - Tool palettes provide a fast way to access common and customizable tools with an AutoCAD-like look and feel.

  • Menus - Pull down a menu and find the exact command you want with no surprises.

64-Bit Version

The 64-Bit Version of TurboCAD LTE and TurboCAD LTE Pro addresses up to 32GB of memory, compared to 2GB on the 32-bit platform, making RAM-intensive processes much quicker. Load, process, and render much larger CAD files. The 32-bit version is still available if it’s required by your hardware.


Redsdk v3 Drawing Engine

Increase zoom and pan performance so you don’t have to wait during a moment of inspiration. The powerful RedSDK drawing engine takes advantage of GPU-based graphics cards for faster design navigation and drawing displays when moving objects.


PDF Underlay

Boost productivity with the ability to import a vector PDF drawing and use it as a tracing layer with snaps.


ePack File Packaging

TurboCAD LTE Pro can collect and assemble all external resources and entities attached to a drawing into a common folder with the drawing for easy distribution, similar to AutoCAD's eTransmit feature.


Purge Tool

TurboCAD LTE Pro makes it easy to remove unused objects from Model Space and Paper Space with the simple yet efficient Purge tool.


Draw Order by Layer PLUS

Layers can be assigned a draw order numerically. The setting, "Apply general property changes to all tool presets", allows you to Draw By Layer and more. When changes are made to the properties of a selected tool, those changes are made to all tools. The result is a more AutoCAD-like workflow.


Print Window

Enter coordinate values, or use a pointing device to specify opposite corners of an area you wish to print. It’s a simple way to quickly print just the part of a design you want to print.


Super Selector Modes

The drag mode selector in TurboCAD LTE offers precise control over object selection for faster, easier modification of your drawing.

    1. Window Polygon Selector Mode only selects objects which are completely inside a closed polygon.  Objects outside or partially outside the polygon wi
    2. Rectangle Selector Mode is a bidirectional selector.
    3. ll not be selected.
    4. Crossing Polygon Selector Mode allows you to select those objects which are crossing or completely within a closed polygon.
    5. Fence Selector Mode selects only those objects which are touched by the open polygon or “fence” created while in this mode.


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