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TurboCAD LTE v6
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Detail Features

Enhanced Layer Manager

Use the layer manager to create layers, then sort objects in your drawing by type, by creation order, or by any criteria that suits the way you work. You can also create layer sets, useful for displaying certain aspects of a drawing without changing visibility settings of each layer individually. TurboCAD LTE’s enhanced layer manager is modeless and multi-selection capable. A few popular attributes include:
  • Hide Objects Regardless of Layer - Ability to hide objects without layer dependency
  • Draw Order by Layer - Layers can be assigned a draw order numerically
  • Draw by Layer Plus - "Apply general property changes to all tool presets" setting allows you to Draw by Layer and more. When changes are made to the properties of a selected tool, those changes are made to all tools. The result is a more AutoCAD® like workflow.

Custom Brush Styles, Bitmap Fills, Transparency Layering

TurboCAD LTE allows for hatch patterns and gradients to be layered with transparency. Custom bitmaps, such as your company logo, may be used as well. This empowers you to much more clearly and precisely communicate construction or assembly details.

Smart Dimension Tool

Automatically select the appropriate dimension for the type of entity (i.e. arc, line, circle) being dimensioned. No need to have to go back to the Dimension menu to select a different dimension type each time a different type of object needs dimensioning.

Quick Dimension Tool

The quick dimension tool allows multiple dimensions to be drawn simultaneously, but all of the same type. For example, select the radius dimension, then select two circles and an arc, and all three will be dimensioned in one step. With a linear dimension, select two objects and both will be dimensioned along with the gap between them.

3D Perspective and Ortho Views

This may be 2D CAD, but TurboCAD LTE works with 3D models. View an object in 3D perspective or use Orthogonal Views for objects with dimension, in order to create paper spaces with enhanced visualizations, or for presentations.

Explode Viewports

Convert the visible geometry in your viewports into flattened, editable 2D geometry within your layouts, even hidden line views. Your conceptual views are also converted into standard bitmaps. Improved associative viewport dimensions allow you to add dimensions to an object through a viewport in paperspace and the dimensions will update if the model changes

Detail Section

Clip 2D section of your drawing and insert and scale the clip for detail views.

True Units Retained Between Drawings w/ Different Unit Settings

Opening or inserting a drawing created in inches into a drawing created in meters -- or any other combination of units -- requires no resizing or rescaling

Flexible Print Options

Manage the printing of all spaces, model and paper from the print queue. Control layout, and designate printers for each space. The new Print Window feature allows you to enter coordinate values, or use a new pointing device, to specify opposite corners of an area you wish to print. It’s a simply way to quickly print just the part of a design you want to print.

Enhanced Format Painter

TurboCAD LTE's enhanced Format Painter matches more than 2x as many object properties as AutoCAD's Match Properties.

Sync block attributes

Select any block(s) and press the Sync button to reset attributes in all block(s) instances. The attribute's value will be stored if the attribute definition with its corresponding tag exists in the block and all attribute properties will be reset from the block attribute definition.

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