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TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v7
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New Features

NEW Drawing Wizard

A new multi-step wizard helps users quickly set up their drawing, defining unit format, paper size, print, drawing scale annotation settings, text and dimension.

NEW DWG Paper Space and Viewports

Like AutoCAD, TurboCAD Mac files now supports two drawing areas which include model space and paper space. All modeling is typically done in model space, while paper space is an area typically used to organize data for printing. The paper space sections of a DWG file may contain title blocks and annotations that are associated with the model. Paper space also contains Viewports, which define a viewing region and orientation of the geometry located in model space Larger Symbols Library.

New Conic Tools, a.k.a. conic section tools, allow users to easily obtain a curve generated by the intersection of a cone with a plane.
  • Two Point Conic Tool creates a conic by specifying the start and end points plus specification of a rho value
  • Three Point Conic Tool creates a conic by specifying the start, end, slope control and the rho value.
  • Four Point Conic Tool creates a conic by specifying the start point, end point, slope control point and shoulder point.

New Markup and Redlining tools

Markup 2D and 3D objects using line, circle, revision cloud, highlighter, text, rectangular text box and leader

New Trim Region Tool

Use this tool to rapidly trim a closed region. Simply click inside or outside to control which side is trimmed.

New Custom Toolbar Creation

Create custom toolbars for quick access to your favorite TurboCAD Mac tools.

New Context Sensitive Help System

Context-sensitive help provides the fastest possible way to get help for any desired tool. Simply place the cursor over any tool then press “F1”. This instantly takes you to that tool’s explanation in the electronic user guide.

New Print Tools

  • New Print Window is a simply way to quickly print just what you want. Enter coordinate values, or simply drag the mouse over the area of your design you wish to print.
  • New Print by Layer Tool is extremely useful when you have multiple sets of data within one file that needs printing. One particular example is printing multiple sheet drawings.

New Symbols

Over 25,000 new symbols including electrical, mechanical, architectural

Improved AutoCAD 2013 (DWG) filter

Work with the latest AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT files. Users can also easily import old TurboCAD Mac files when saved to this format.

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