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TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials
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TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials

TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials

This audio video training course picks up where the in-product tutorial videos leave off (assessable via Help | Tutorials). Whether you’re new to CAD or just want a refresher course, the videos in TurboCAD Mac 2D Training Essentials make it easy to master 2D CAD drawing and drafting in TurboCAD Mac Designer, Deluxe, or Pro.

Assuming users have reviewed the in-product tutorial videos, we review the user interface and how to set design preferences. Discover valuable, time-saving short cuts and watch as each 2D drawing tool is demonstrated giving a solid overview of the entire 2D product from the design tools through to the transformation tools and layers. Round off your education with a review of the menu options for managing your work. Learn about import and export options to share your work with other popular design software, see valuable printing tips and more.

Topics covered include:

  • User Interface Overview
  • Logicursor and Snaps
  • Line Tools
  • Arc & Circle Tools
  • Polygon Tools
  • Spline Tools
  • Architectural Tools
  • Selecting Objects 
  • Layer Management
  • Editing Geometry 
  • Modifying 2D Objects
  • Transformation Tools
  • Annotation Tools
  • Dimension Tools
  • Symbols
  • Printing and Layout
  • Attributes and BOM

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