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Powerful utility for anyone who works with image files

Drawing Compare is a powerful utility that quickly identifies the difference between two CAD drawings, raster images, or PDF files from dozens of different applications. Simply select two drawings and Drawing Compare will perform a visual comparison of the two.

Newly Updated, More Powerful Than Ever

Drawing Compare v2, with its unique capability to instantly compare drawing differences visually, is now available as a stand-alone application. So regardless of the design software you employ, this powerful utility is the perfect companion product. Drawing Compare now can compare differences in 3D files, as well as 2D, and has been expanded to compare PDF files, as well as raster and vector images. The new and powerful capabilities of Drawing Compare v2 will quickly become one of your most favorite and essential design tools. Now Ships with 32-bit and 64-bit compatible versions.

Many Ways to Compare

Locating design variations is easy with Drawing Compare. You can select “Zoom to Differences” to quickly spot updates, or use the new Toggle feature to locate changes. Once you’ve identified them, there are options to switch from one image to the other, to show only the differences, or to have the differences blink, quickly highlighting where changes have been made. You can even create an animated .gif of the differences in the two files in order to share these with others.

Multiple Uses

Drawing Compare is an invaluable aid when working collaboratively on a project to quickly see the updates that have been made. You can also use it to compare an ‘As Built’ drawing to a customized version. Plus it’s great when picking up on older projects to note the status of updates.

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