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Drawing Compare v2

New Features

NEW 3D File Support

Drawing Compare now can compare differences in 3D files, as well as 2D. In addition, 10 different drawing views are now supported including four 3D Isometric views and six 2D views. Previously, Drawing Compare v1 only supported a comparison of files in a Plan (Top) view. In 3D views, Drawing Compare supports comparison in a Wire Frame view only.

New PDF support

Now you can compare PDF files, even multiple page PDF documents. Drawing Compare works with both raster and vector PDF documents and shows you the changes that have been made.

NEW Save Comparison Results as Animated GIFs

Differences found between two documents can be saved as animated .GIF files. When opened, the animated GIF will display in the same blinking fashion as Drawing Compare displays the differences between the two files. It’s a great way to email results of your drawing comparison to your design team.

NEW Toggle through drawing differences

With the new Next arrow tool you can toggle your way through sections of either of the drawings being compared to see what differences exist in that section of the drawing. The Next tool uses forward and back Arrow keys to allow you to examine the differences in a structured fashion.

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