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The HDRI Media Browser:

SOFTBOX (HDRI) for TurboCAD is a library of over 700 studio-style High Dynamic-Range Images (HDRI) designed to help the TurboCAD user produce professional renderings with minimal lighting setup time. Through the use of Image Based Lighting (IBL) and the Render Scene Environment in compatible versions of TurboCAD Professional and Deluxe, SOFTBOX (HDRI) provides stunning, studio reflections to your materials and soft, realistic light to your scene.


745 High Dynamic-Range Images (OpenEXR)
Styles: Octagonal, Rectangle, Square, Strip, Umbrella, Light Box
Six Different Configurations
Color Tones: Cool, Neutral, Warm, Sepia, Soft Green, Sunset
EV Offsets: 0, -1, -2, -3
HDRI Media Browser
Cubical Map Builder/Exporter
Example Cubical Map Presets
Luminance Presets For Image Based Lighting

The HDRI Media Browser:

The Cubical Map Builder:

The included Cubical Map Builder lets you create, organize and export your own cubical maps as environments for use in TurboCAD. Once created, you can use them as templates for new cubical maps or easily modify them with the click of a button.

How It Works:

Individual files from the SOFTBOX (HDRI) library are assigned to one or several of the available positions on a cubical map. The cubical map is then assigned to your render scene as a Background Environment forming a "cube" around the scene with the assigned HDRI files. When you render the scene, an Environment Luminance samples the HDRI files for information that is then used to create soft, realistic lighting for your scene. Now that was easy!

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