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TurboCALC 7.0
MSRP: $499.99
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If you can sketch it - TurboCalc can solve it.

Imagine if you had a powerful parametric sketcher built within a conventional spreadsheet. That would enable you to associate geometry and "smart" calculations in one worksheet to solve a wide range of design challenges quickly and easily while making informed decisions.

TurboCalc© is game changing software that combines the disciplines of sketching, calculations, and optimization in a single application that helps users to solve a wide range of design challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy while evaluating and validating engineering options in real-time.

TurboCalc Key Benefits

  • Associate geometry and calculations in one worksheet
  • Automate tedious engineering calculations
  • Backsolve exact geometry to meet stated design goals
  • Evaluate more design options in less time
  • Leverage Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications
  • Reuse and share engineering knowledge

How does TurboCalc work?

With TurboCalc you can associate geometry, dimensions, and calculations in the same worksheet to capture the functional intents of your design challenge. Then you can vary engineering parameters to ask and receive instantaneous design decision-support information and optimal solution.

What is new in TurboCalc 7.0?

TurboCalc 7.0 includes a programmable geometrical calculator that enables you to define calculation macros with bi-directional links to entities in worksheet. This feature is valuable for working with longer calculation chains and for creating enterprise-wide reusable calculation libraries. TurboCalc 7.0 also includes a Mirror/Copy/Rotate tool that enables you to define constrained arrays of geometry. The constraint manager has been enhanced to resolve multiple circularities in design intents in real time. Watch this short video to learn more

TurboCalc System Requirements

TurboCalc can be used standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any 32 or 64 bit computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

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