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Animation Lab V5
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Animation Lab V5

Drawing Management

File Palette

The File Palette makes file management simple. By viewing the contents of your network directories through a Windows® Explorer-like interface, you can simply open and manage your files directly from the TurboCAD desktop. You can also define a list of TCW files (from one location or across your network) and tell it to perform a batch process to all of the files at one time.

Batch Open - Open a set of selected files in TurboCAD
Batch Convert - Convert a set of selected files to/from any supported TurboCAD format
Batch Thumbnail - Create sets of BMP or JPG thumbnails for a set of selected files
Batch Animate - Create the same animation on a set of selected files using any of the presets available from AnimationLab

Seamless TurboCAD Integration

AnimationLab animates your images quickly because there is no need to re-render the view in TurboCAD when generating the individual views for the animation. Plus, through seamless integration it takes maximum advantage of your TurboCAD software with these animation commands.

  • Change Material
  • Environment, Change Environment 
  • Luminance, Change Luminance 
  • Set Name (For the "actor" or object you wish to animate)
  • Add Image To Manager (animation within an animation) 
  • Change Actor Image (animation within an animation)
  • Extract Frame From AVI - Extract a single frames from your animation

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