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IDX Beam Analysis Tool
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Beam Analysis Tool

System Requirements

TurboCAD Pro v20 (32 and 64 bit)
TurboCAD Pro Platinum v20 (32 and 64 bit)

Beam Analysis Tool

The Beam Analysis Tool provides complete analysis of deflection and stresses caused by direct forces on simply supported beams. Its intuitive interface enables immediate productivity, while more advanced features allow great flexibility in problem definition.

As a plug-in, works with both 32 and 64 bit versions of TurboCAD Pro and Platinum 20 ,21, and 2015.  The Beam Analysis Tool facilitates best practices by saving the beam information and all analysis diagrams directly in the drawing file, alongside the beam. This is useful for collaboration, and also saves a great deal of time when plans change and analyses need to be updated. Further collaboration is supported by options to save beam analyses as XML files, or to publish configuration details and all diagrams as HTML files to post on an intranet or extranet. (See an example HTML page.)

The Beam Analysis Tool is specifically designed for use by structural, mechanical, and civil engineers; architectural designers; designer/builders; general contractors; municipal planning departments; and students.

Why Choose Beam Analysis Tool?

  • Provides fast, accurate calculations — beams, supports and loads are easy to define and revise, allowing for quick what-if analyses to find the right beam and support combination.

  • Encourages best practices — beam analysis information is saved with the plan drawings, making critical load, support, and beam information available to all who need it. Information may also be shared without sending the complete drawing file by using HTML or XML formats.

  • Simplifies analysis configuration — tabs allow for quick updates to units, loads, sections, supports, or diagram types.

  • Speeds the learning process — Windows-style interface with tabs, selection buttons, drop downs, and easily modified parameters are well organized, with user-friendly graphical feedback.

  • Facilitates change management — beam configuration can be reloaded from within the drawing when revisions are needed, so there is no searching for the previous data and no starting over from scratch.

  • Accelerates ROI — time to productivity is minimal, producing quick return on investment.

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