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IDX Beam Analysis Tool
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Beam Analysis Tool

System Requirements

TurboCAD Pro v20 (32 and 64 bit)
TurboCAD Pro Platinum v20 (32 and 64 bit)

Diagram Output

  • Adding beam weight is optional for analysis and diagrams
  • Support indicator size can be modified in the drawing
  • Load display colors can be individually selected for presentation
  • Easily change the size of diagrams and beam details for presentation in the drawing
  • Full analysis output may be saved to an HTML file (See example.)
  • Full details may be saved to an XML file for opening in any other instance of the IDX Beam Analysis Tool
  • Eight diagram types are available in the CAD drawing file:

FORCE NORMAL - Showing the vertical “shear” forces on the beam.

FORCE AXIAL - Showing the horizontal forces on the beam.

DEFLECTION - Showing the deflection along the beam.

MOMENT - Showing the rotational moment forces along the beam.

STRESS - Showing the stress forces on the beam.

TORSION MOMENT - Showing the rotational moment forces perpendicular to the beam.

TORSION DEFLECTION - Showing the torsion deflection perpendicular to the axis of the beam.

TORSION STRESS - Showing the torsion stress forces on the beam.

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