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TurboCAD Surface Modeler
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TurboCAD Surface Modeling Plug-In

TurboCAD Surface Modeling Plug-In

If you use TurboCAD for residential and commercial site design and development, land development, subdivision design, or road design, then you need the TurboCAD Surface Modeling Plug-in. This plug-in builds on the 3D surface modeling technology in TurboCAD Deluxe, Pro (32bit) and Pro Platinum (32bit) with powerful technology, perfect for Civil Engineers and their CAD Technicians.
  • Surface interpolation using state of the art algorithms
  • Surface cross sections
  • Profiles
  • Contours
  • Render surfaces and solids
  • Create side slopes
  • Create Image Map
  • TIN editing
  • Soft break lines
  • Structured ASCII file import

Cross Sections and Profiles

The cross section and profiles functionality includes the creation of a polygon graphic with each node interpolate to the surface. It also creates a graphical chart that is put on the clipboard. The graphical chart is an object that can be inserted into the paper space or any other document that supports OLE.


Contour lines are computed from the interpolated surface.

Render surface

Surfaces and solids can be created and then rendered or have materials applied. Solid with top, sides and a bottom! Now the native 3D operators can be used with this object. Below, the first image shows a bitmap mapped onto a surface. This technique can be used for photo-realistic effects.

Side slopes

Side slopes can be created for any polygon. These slopes intersect the interpolation surface. Self-intersections are processed automatically.

Image Maps

Image maps of elevation, slope, and aspect can be created in full color or grey scale. You can create a bitmap or text that is simple put on the clipboard and can be pasted into a document. Text values can also be pasted into Excel for statistical or other analytical processing.

Point Data Import Utility

If you have a text file with data consisting of a point index, x, y, z, and a note, then this utility will organize the data by sorting the points by the value of the note. It creates point or polygon geometry based on user selected points.

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