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CAD Fundamentals 2D Training: CD-Rom
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CAD Fundamentals 2D


CAD Fundamentals 2D Training CD for TurboCAD

This CD-based training course teaches 2D drafting and design essentials in TurboCAD, including 2D drawing tools, creation of Drawing Templates, and use of Symbol Libraries.

Master TurboCAD 2D Drawing and Drafting

This comprehensive self training CD course, featuring over 5 hours of audio-video material, was created by TurboCAD expert Ken Doyle. The training CD includes 180 color video-based lessons designed to help TurboCAD owners master 2D CAD drawing and drafting quickly and easily. The easy to use step-by-step lessons build skills as the user needs them. This course is ideal for the inexperienced to intermediate CAD user.

Start with Learning the Basic Set-up

Introductory lessons cover the set-up of a drawing page; choosing units of measurement, precisions and scales; addition and editing of text in a drawing; making and insertion of view points; use of model and paper space; and comprehensive print set-up and printing instructions.

Learn Hands-on with a Comprehensive Set of 2D Drawing Exercises

24 exercises cover basic to advanced drawing tools including: Polylines, Polygons, Arcs, Circles, Layers, Snaps and Copy tools. In addition, the CD provides instruction in tools to increase accuracy and manipulation of drawings, including Mirror Copy, Patch Hatching, Parallel Lines, Line Properties, Dimensioning and Tolerances, Drawing with Angles, Node Editing, and using short cuts within the program.

Create Drawing Templates, Layers and More

In this section users learn how to set up a drawing template and design one that can be used again. Also covered is Creation of Layers, use of Construction Lines, and Draw and Print borders.

Learn to Use Symbols and Symbol Libraries

In this section users open an existing drawing and learn how to insert a symbol from the symbol library. Also learn how to create Symbols, save them into My Symbols, edit symbols and practice inserting symbols into a new drawing.

Work with a Customized Layout

Learn how to change the work page layout and set up various toolbars on the screen to suit how you would like to work. Also learn how to save these layouts and transfer them to a different work computer.

Additional Features to Help You Learn

  • The Study Organizer -Designed to be printed out before the user begins viewing the lessons, the Organizer assists with tracking progress and time for each video lesson. Each lesson button on the CD shows a tool tip which is listed in the Study Organizer.
  • The Gallery - Features drawings by both inexperienced and experienced TurboCAD users illustrating the potential of TurboCAD as a design tool.
  • Additional Resources - Links to internet sites where you can get help with TurboCAD and other CAD resources, useful PDF documents including TurboCAD feature comparisons and U.S. CAD Standards.

System Requirements

TurboCAD Deluxe or Pro, Windows® XP & Vista, Win7 & Win 8. Pentium IV Processor or higher. 512MB RAM. 300MB free hard disk space. 1024 x 768 resolution. High color (16 bit) graphics card. Sound card and speakers. DVD-ROM drive.

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