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Essential Printing Tools and Techniques For Turbocad
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Essential Printing Tools & Techniques for TurboCAD

Essential Printing Tools & Techniques for TurboCAD

Solve you TurboCAD printing requirements

Are you a TurboCAD user that needs help printing your drawings to scale? Do you get confused between paper space and model space, architectural vs. metric scales in viewports? Do you need to email or archive TurboCAD or DWG drawings?

"Essential Printing Tools and Techniques in TurboCAD v19" supplies all the tools and training you will need to quickly create professional PDF files to email to your customers or take to your local print shop for large format working drawings.

TurboCAD expert, Robert Berry, guides you through installing and using the Solid PDF Creator Plus software that will enable you to print to PDF files from within TurboCAD. You will learn how to create layers in viewports and to print to scale in both paper space and model space. You will also learn to combine individual PDF files into one document or conversely extract single pages from multiple page PDF documents.

Movie 01 - Introductions

  • New from scratch
  • Model space and paper space
  • Drawing in real-world coordinates in model space
  • Adjusting space units to be architectural
  • Page setup
  • Printer paper versus drawing sheet size
  • Using the solid PDF creator printer driver
  • Fitting the drawing onto the page
  • Creating printer margins
  • Choosing a standard scale
  • Printing to PDF
  • Overview of how you can do a quick print

Movie 02 - Creating Named Views

  • Creating viewports
  • Using Design Director to change views
  • Selection info palette
  • Dynamic link between model space and viewports
  • Changing the scale of viewports
  • Automatic scaling factor within viewports
  • Choosing a standard scaleInserting multiple viewports
  • Turning off the visible box of the viewport
  • Selecting multiple viewports and changing properties
  • Changing the drawing sheet size
  • Changing size of the viewports with and without fixed scale

Movie 03 - Shaped viewports

  • Different scales in different viewports 
  • Update viewport boundary 
  • Using layers 
  • Design director to create new layers 
  • Pinning to dock a pallet 
  • Changing the layers colors 
  • Inserting viewports in with various layers 
  • Layer properties within a viewport

Movie 04 - Opening sample files

  • Title blocks in paper space
  • Selecting a viewport in paper space
  • Selection info properties
  • New from template
  • Choosing a title block from a template
  • Matching the printer paper and drawing sheet size
  • Copying and pasting a title block into paper space
  • Changing the paper size
  • Centering the title block on a page
  • Changing the size and scale of the viewport
  • Viewports within a title block

Movie 05 -What is PDF?

  • Solid PDF creator from Solid Documents
  • Printer driver
  • Printing preferences
  • Paper size
  • Creating a custom paper size
  • Creating an arch D paper size
  • Matching printer paper and drawing sheet size

Movie's 06 - Save as PDF

  • Multiple paper spaces
  • Print queue
  • Printing all paper spaces

Product also includes Solid PDF Creator v7 - Valued at $49.95

Movie 01 - Installing and Registering Solid PDF Creator Plus

  • What is Solid PDF creator plus?
  • Offers ability to combine PDFs
  • Offers the ability to extract single page PDF
  • Installing solid PDF creator plus with XP and Vista
  • Avoiding pop-up blockers
  • Registering the software
  • Installing PDF driver for Windows 7
  • Viewing the install printers via the control panel
  • Click the following links to install the program…
  • Install Solid PDF Creator Plus (Helps to combine PDF files)
  • Install Solid PDF Creator printer driver (Required for Windows 7 and greater)

Movie 02 - Introductions and Overview

  • Introductions
  • Launching the Software
  • Overview of the program
  • PDF Archive Format
  • Deleting pages from a PDF
  • Saving PDF files

Movie 03 - Manipulating PDF Files

  • Rotating Pages
  • Extracting Pages,
  • Reordering Pages

Movie 04 - Passwords and Permissions

Movie 05 - Watermarks

  • Applying Watermarks, Watermarks Options

Movie 06 -Toolbars

  • Open PDFs
  • Undo Redo
  • Multiple Windows/Split screen
  • Dragging and Dropping between Windows

Movie 07 - Toolbars Continued

  • Search, Insert Pages,
  • Copy and Paste
  • Selecting multiple pages
  • Zooming In and Out
  • Zooming to Fit and 1:1, Two Page View, Rotate Pages

Movie 08 - PDF Printer Properties

  • Target Folder
  • PDF A Compliance
  • Document Information
  • Security Settings
  • Page Setup
  • Custom Pages Sizes
  • Default View Settings
  • Print Quality
  • Color and Grayscale Settings
  • Embedding Fonts

Movie 09 -Creating PDFs from Applications or Files

  • Drag and Drop
  • Print to PDF driver
  • Conclusions.

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