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Mastering TurboCAD Pro and Deluxe
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Mastering TurboCAD Deluxe and Pro

Mastering TurboCAD Deluxe & Pro

Learn to Use TurboCAD

Mastering TurboCAD Deluxe & Pro is a training guide created to help TurboCAD users of all levels. This manual is downloadable, delivered in PDF format, and designed with the beginner in mind, but is a great tool for all users.

What’s Covered

Mastering TurboCAD  Deluxe & Pro was written based on the Professional version of TurboCAD, but you will find that almost every aspect of the program can be accomplished in the Deluxe version as well. You may find more options with the Pro version, but all information required for the Deluxe version is included in this book.

The manual is loaded with step by step tutorials to help teach everything there is to know about both 2D and 3D aspects of TurboCAD v20. New features such as UV Mapping, 3D PDF, Protractor and the Gear Tool are discussed in the book. Whether you’re a CAD novice or expert you will find this manual helpful.

About the Author

Author Kevin Doucette has been refining this book since TurboCAD version 7. This latest release was revamped for current TurboCAD versions to take advantage of all the new features included with the program. With his expertise as a trainer and daily user, Kevin has created what could be called his best manual on TurboCAD to date.

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