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Personalized Online TurboCAD training - $75/hr

IMSI/Design offers online, training for only $75 per hour. Our training sessions are done in a one-to-one meeting format, where we talk on the phone and share computers screens. Training is done via a combination of WebEx and either telephone or Skype. By utilizing WebEx, we can perform a live demonstration of TurboCAD from our site that you observe, or allow us to run the installed TurboCAD on your computer.

Training is offered for the following Windows editions of TurboCAD: Designer, Deluxe, Pro, Pro Platinum, LTE, and LTE Pro. Support is currently available only for the current (v20) and previous versions of TurboCAD.

Training for New and Experienced TurboCAD Users

New Users - Typically, new users have a hard time getting started because they get overwhelmed by the many options in the program and struggle to learn basic functionality. Our introductory training session is designed to help you get over these initial hurdles.
In addition, by taking control of your desktop, we can ensure that your TurboCAD software has been correctly installed and that you get all the features that you have already paid for. We can see your TurboCAD drawings and suggest possible improvements and time-saving tips to achieve your specific goals. The session can be recorded for your own personal use to review later.

Experienced Users
- More experienced TurboCAD users can also use our training to learn and become more proficient with more advanced and sophisticated drafting, modeling and design tools. Topics include 3D surface and solid modeling, 2D Constraints, Rendering and Lighting, and architectural design.

To get started, call toll-free on 1.800.833.8082 x 8027 or email us at: Be sure to ask us about the product premiums we offer for multi-hour training purchases. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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