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Constraint Manager Training for TurboCAD Pro
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Constraint Manager Training CD

Constraint Manager Training CD

Drawing Constraints control the spatial relationship between objects and create predictive behavioral patterns during the design modification process. Used properly, constraints can save copious amounts of time as you iterate your design.

TurboCAD Constraint Manager Training CD can help you learn how to use the powerful 2D Geometric and Dimensional Constraint features found in TurboCAD Pro. 19 tasks are included, plus a bonus 22 session tutorial which shows how to turn a constrained, 2D sketch into a 3D model. Tutorials include animated material and audio instructions.

New and Features
New Mid-point constraint
Improved Symmetrical constraint

Learn how to use the D-cubed Constraint Manager in TurboCAD

  • Extensive geometry support, including points, lines, circles, ellipses, splines and general parametric curves
  • Wide range of dimensions and geometric constraints, including distance, angle, radius, equal distance, equal radius, parallel and much more
  • Advanced spline constraints, including tangent direction, tangent length, 2nd derivative, equal direction and equal curvature
  • Comprehensive feedback about the status of the drawing

Modify Your Designs

Learn how designs can be rapidly modified by updating the parametric values of the dimensions, or by entering new dimension values using the Calculator Palette. See how TurboCAD Pro maintains the consistency of the drawing, eliminating the need to edit the sketch manually. TurboCAD's Constraints Manager handles all of the following constraint types.

  • Perpendicular
  • Parallel 
  • Pattern 
  • Tangential (including Chirality) 
  • Connect
  • Coincident
  • Symmetrical
  • Equal Distance, Length and Radius
  • Midpoint
  • Fixed
  • Dimensional, including Formulas allows for the creation of mathematically defined relationships within dimensions
  • Auto-add
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Advantages in using Constraints

  • Constraints allow easy rework of designs after a review cycle. With constraints there is an ease of changing designs. The constrained associations precisely and accurately define the relationships between the elements of your drawing.
  • Rapid modifications are now possible. You simply alter the constraining dimensions and the associated relationships within the sketch will automatically update while maintaining specific design integrity.
  • Retaining the accuracy of your design and the relationships between the elements in your drawing become automatic.

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