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Woodworking Tutorial Bundle for Turbocad Pro
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Woodworking Tutorial Bundle for TurboCAD Pro

Woodworking Tutorial Bundle for TurboCAD Pro

Advanced Training for Woodworking Design with TurboCAD Pro

The Woodworking Tutorial Bundle for TurboCAD Pro provides three complete training tutorials from TurboCAD expert Don Cheke of Textual Creations including the Roll Top Computer Desk tutorial, Workplanes tutorial, and Drawing Template tutorial. Each tutorial offers instructions to master the use of TurboCAD Pro while creating some amazing designs. These are downloadable tutorials, delivered on PDF, perfect for anyone looking to start their training immediately.

Roll Top Computer Desk Tutorial

This tutorial was created to lead a woodworker through all the stages of a modern furniture design project. It was designed to show how to use TurboCAD in such a way that a two-dimensional design concept could be turned into a three dimensional model for client presentation and that shop drawings could be created from the 2D and 3D drawings. The design is based on the use of 19 mm wood panels for construction and the cabinet components assembled, for the most part, using plate joinery biscuits.

Within the tutorial, the reader will learn how to create all the 2D and 3D components required to create the modern roll top desk and accompanying drawings that are illustrated on the cover of the tutorial. Aside from learning how to draw in TurboCAD, the user will learn how to set up the drawing and how to insert standard lighting. The reader will learn how to establish render scene luminance and a render scene environment. The reader will also learn how to render their drawing and save it in a high resolution image format. The reader will also learn how to utilize paper space with inserted viewports and drafting palette objects, along with dimensions and annotations, plus much more.

This tutorial was created using TurboCAD Pro version 19.2

View Sample Pages 24 pages 2.03MB PDF file

Demystifying TurboCAD Workplanes Tutorial

One of the fundamental concepts in TurboCAD, when it comes to drawing in 3D, is the use and understanding of workplanes. Most new users are initially overwhelmed by this concept, but once the user puzzles out what workplanes are all about they quickly realize that they weren't that complex after all.

Each workplane tool, complete with a user-friendly explanation and example will be illustrated within this tutorial and this will be done by having the reader work through various examples keystroke by keystroke. By the time the reader reaches the end of this tutorial any confusion about workplanes should have lessened significantly.

This tutorial was created using TurboCAD Pro version 19.1

View Sample Pages 12 pages 1.66MB PDF file

Drawing Template Tutorial

One of the fundamental tenets of any CAD package is to never draw the same thing twice. This is very sound advice and a user would be wise to broaden this tenet to its fullest definition. This not only includes using blocks and symbols while drawing but it includes devising ways to approach the more mundane things such as repeating text and establishing tool properties or styles. One way to address much of this is to create a drawing template(s) where many properties have been pre-established and which includes at least one paper space page that has a reusable title block.

Within the tutorial the reader will be led through each keystroke to produce four ANSI size reusable TurboCAD templates with title blocks. These are based on the mechanical style the author uses in his daily work with one client within the manufacturing industry. The reader will find much discussion within the pages of this tutorial that will hopefully provide good insight into choices that are made.

This tutorial was created using TurboCAD Pro version 19.1

View Sample Pages 15 pages 1.14 MB PDF file

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