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Woodworking in TurboCAD Tutorial CD
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Woodworking in TurboCAD Tutorial CD

Woodworking in TurboCAD Tutorial

CADCourse's Robert Berry gets to together with experienced woodworking tutor Geoff Malthouse and discovers many woodworking gems within Geoff's woodworking chest. Watch as he shares his years of woodworking experience and how it applies to TurboCAD. You will see all manner of tips and tricks including how to create traditional dovetails in 3-D and realistically rendered wood grains. Further Geoff discusses his TurboCAD FAQ website where he has been collecting treasured TurboCAD tips from the user forum for years. He also shares with us his wealth of woodworking resources such as materials, textures, cheat sheets, example drawings, symbols and much more!

New to this release are Closed Captions below the video allowing viewers to read the dialogue. We hope this added medium allows for a clearer understanding of our international accents. Another new added feature is a table of contents along the left allowing you to easily navigate through headings tagged in the movie.

We invite you to view the following sample movies. You will see new movies on how to load the CADCourse interface configuration in your version of TurboCAD. The second movie introduces Geoff as he shares his noteworthy credentials in the woodworking industry. We also present for your evaluation the first minute of each of the remaining movies. We hope this will help you get a good feel for what is covered in the training courses. Enjoy!

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