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TurboCAD Designer and 2D Training Bundle
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Precision 2D Drafting Made Even Easier!

This page offers the full 2D design power of TurboCAD Designer v20 bundled with CAD Fundamentals training, a CD-based training course that teaches 2D drafting and design essentials in TurboCAD, including 2D drawing tools, creation of Drawing Templates, and use of Symbol Libraries.

TurboCAD Designer 20

TurboCAD Designer easily creates precision floor plans, technical illustrations, flow charts, and more. It includes hundreds of 2D drawing, modifying, and dimensioning tools. Plus, TurboCAD Designer is compatible with over 20 popular file formats, including the latest AutoCAD DWG/DXF, making is easy to share your work.
  • Affordable CAD – All the professional features you demand from a 2D CAD application at a great price.
  • Easy to Learn & Use – A setup wizard, plus beginner, intermediate, and advanced menu settings with context sensitive help and video getting started tutorials in a familiar Windows® style interface help you get results fast.
  • Complete 2D Drafting & Detailing – Hundreds of drawing and dimensioning tools. Use with snaps, modification tools, and drawing aids to quickly draft and document your designs with no restrictions.
  • CAD & Graphic Compatibility – Supports a complete set of industry standard file formats including AutoCAD® .DWG, Adobe® .PDF, and web publishing.
  • New version 20 – Get the latest technology including a 64-bit version to utilizes expanded computer memory, so you can load and process files of nearly any size.

CAD Fundamentals Training

Master TurboCAD 2D Drawing and Drafting with this comprehensive self training CD course, featuring over 5 hours of audio-video material, created by TurboCAD expert Ken Doyle. The training CD includes 180 color video-based lessons designed to help TurboCAD owners master 2D CAD drawing and drafting quickly and easily. The easy to use step-by-step lessons build skills as the user needs them. This course is ideal for the inexperienced to intermediate CAD user.
  • Start with Learning the Basics
  • Learn Hands-on with a Comprehensive Set of 2D Drawing Exercises
  • Create Drawing Templates, Layers and More
  • Learn to Use Symbols and Symbol Libraries
  • Work with a Customized Layout
  • Resources to Help You Learn (Study Organizer, Gallery, and more)

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