Parametric Constraints

Parametric Drawing

Parametric drawing provides precision and productivity. You have greater control to enforce design intent, and may very quickly modify a design by using geometric and dimensional constraints. The Calculator Palette allows you to set values to driving dimensions, including formulaic relationships between objects, and using any of the functions shown in the image at right.

Rapid Revision Productivity

Often referred to as variational sketching, a constraints system allows you to enjoy greater control and productivity, empowering your creativity. You will get more done, create part families faster, incorporate red-line changes more quickly, and have the flexibility to evaluate different designs with ease. This last point is important in 2D design work: look at what-if scenarios the way you would update a spreadsheet. See the movement of linkages simply by changing a driving dimension.

Geometric Constraints

Geometric constraints determine the relationship of two pieces of geometry with each other. TurboCAD® Pro supports the following geometric constraints:
  • point to point coincident
  • point to line coincident
  • parallel
  • perpendicular
  • tangential
  • concentric
  • symmetrical
  • horizontal
  • vertical

Dimensional Constraints

Dimensional constraints determine the size of geometric entities. TurboCAD Pro supports the following dimensional constraints:
  • equal radius
  • equal length
  • equal distance
  • distance
  • length
  • angle
The autoconstrain feature will attach all possible constraints to a selection, or set autoconstrain ON while drawing and relationships will be added as you go. All standard dimension types may be used as driving dimensions. These features allow for dramatic productivity gains when drafting or making revisions.

Proven Technology

This valuable TurboCAD Pro feature includes the D-Cubed™ 2D DCM constraint manager from Siemens Industry Software Limited — This is the same trusted engine used by far more expensive design platforms such as AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®; by Dassault Systems for CATIA and SolidWorks®; by Siemens Industry Software Limited for NX and Solid Edge; and by think3® for thinkdesign.

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