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TurboCAD Pro provides several render modes in which to work, or present your designs. New to TurboCAD Pro 19 is Technology from Redway3D® has been added to wireframe, hidden line, and draft rendering modes and providing a wireframe render mode that utilizes the power of supported on-board GPU or graphics boards. (Most boards and GPUs should be supported, see system requirements for more information.) This Redsdk render mode provides up to 60x speed improvements on CPU-based rendering when panning, zooming, and orbiting. It also provides smoother movement. It is most noticeable on larger models, whether 2D or 3D as long as they are viewed in wireframe mode. (For more on the Redsdk wireframe rendering mode see our System Requirements.

Render modes available include:

  • Wireframe, GDI

  • Wireframe, Redsdk — GPU accelerated

  • Hidden Line — for clean views and annotation

  • Draft — a shaded mode without materials, but using colors (see image at right)

  • Quality — high quality photorealistic rendering

  • Advanced — all options available including Render Styles

TurboCAD Pro 21 includes the updated Lightworks V8.3 rendering engine from LightWork Design. This new engine provides progressive, ray-traced rendering, improving workflow by generating fast estimates of the image and an early preview of light settings. Anti-aliasing for geometry and materials is also improved. The new engine also supports multithreading, taking advantage of multi core processors so the turn around time on calculations is much faster.

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