Advanced Modification Tools

TurboCAD Pro includes powerful tools for modifying existing geometry. These include:
  • Bend — Create accurate bends measuring from a specific distance from the edge. Set the axis, angle, and radius and let TurboCAD do the rest.

  • Tube Bend Tool — Make cylinders incredibly flexible. Simply choose where you want to bend on the tube.

  • Unbend — Great for sheet metal and fabrication shops, creates an unfolded object, leaving the original object intact.

  • Unfold Face — Unfolds faces of various ACIS objects including cone, cylindrical, planar, and NURBs surfaces; even those with a filleted rectangle as the base. This is also knows as obtaining the involute of a surface. It’s great for working with materials like sheet metal or fabrics.

  • Facet Offset Tool — Move a facet in or out of its current position while updating all connecting surfaces.

  • Flange Tool — Rapidly creates flat and bent flanges using the Smart Dimensioning tool for precision.

  • Tube Flange Tool — Simply extend a tube and bend it in a few clicks.
These tools become even more powerful when combined with the Advanced Part Tree.

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