Mechanical Tools

TurboCAD Pro Platinum includes a complete set of 3D drawing and editing tools, the powerful ACIS® solid modeling engine and D-Cubed™ 2D DCM constraint manager from Siemens Industry Software Limited. These tools and technologies make TurboCAD ideal for both single part and small assembly mechanical designs.

3D drawing primitives include:

  • Box, Rotated Box, Sphere, Hemisphere Cylinder
  • Torus Wedge,  Cone, Polygonal Prism

3D Editing and Modification Tools:

  • Sweep, Extrude, Revolve, Revolve Loft
  • Facet Edit, Booleans, Bend, Quick Pull

Assembly Tools:

  • Axis, Facet, 3-Points, Tangents, Edge & Point

Specialized Mechanical Object Tools:

  • Thread, Pipe, Bolt, Hole, Imprint

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