Pattern Tools

TurboCAD Pro Platinum offers a pattern tools collection, six tools that allow you to design models of incredible complexity with ease.

Patterns are arrays of objects copied in specific arrangements and which are controlled parametrically.

New TurboCAD Pro Platinum can rapidly create parametric 3D patterns from a wide variety of entities including:

  • ACIS Objects (previously available)
  • Surface Objects
  • 2D Objects
  • 3D Objects
  • Blocks

Six types of patterns are available including:

  • On Polyline
  • Array
  • On Curve
  • Radial
  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical

When an Array Pattern is created, for example, the number of rows, columns, levels, and the distance between items in the array's x, y, or z axis can be modified at any later time.

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