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Platinum Design Tools for TurboCAD Pro 19
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The Platinum Design Tools for TurboCAD Pro 20 is a way for TurboCAD Pro 20 owners to upgrade their software to the top of the line, premium CAD technology in TurboCAD Pro Platinum. It adds advanced tools for greater control and flexibility with architectural and mechanical design.
  • New UV Mapping
  • Improved Pattern Tools
  • Advanced Mechanical Tools
  • Advanced Architectural Tools
  • Midpoint & Pattern Constraints
  • More Powerful Part Tree

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Platinum Tools

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20 now offers UV mapping, a powerful tool for creating more photorealistic renders. The suite of architectural tools is greatly expanded with TurboCAD Pro Platinum including parametric doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, and rails, plus compound walls, schedules, and powerful section and elevation tools. Advanced mechanical design and modification tools offer parametric control over parts, symbols, patterns, and constrained arrays, while smooth surface mesh tools allow for easier, rapid creation of organically shaped 3D models. Plus, the Advanced Part Tree in TurboCAD Pro Platinum is much more powerful offering greater control over each design and modification tool.

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What’s New

Check out these powerful new tools only available in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20
  • New UV Mapping create more realistic and varied materials for rendering
  • New Associative Arrays create parametric patterns from a variety of entities 
  • New Split Face & Extrude Face Editing Tools for smooth surface mesh modeling
  • New Entity Marks to better track objects and add information
  • New Export Coordinate Data from the geometry in models and drawings 
  • ...and much more!

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System Requirements

The purchase of Platinum Design Tools for TurboCAD Pro 20 requires that you already have TurboCAD Pro 20 installed on your system. As long as your system meets the minimum system requirements for TurboCAD Pro 20, there are no further requirements.

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