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TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20 Upgrade from Pro Legacy

MSRP: $799.99
1.800.833.8082 or 1.415.483.8000
(Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST)

Upgrade to New TurboCAD 20

New TurboCAD 20 is now available providing dozens of powerful new tools and enhancements as well as much customer driven development for greater usability, performance, and compatibility.

This page is for TurboCAD Pro Legacy customers including owners of TurboCAD Pro, Architectural, Mechanical, or Platinum Edition, version 16 or earlier. If you’re looking to upgrade from another version, look in the Upgrade menu at the left.

Choose your upgrade path:

Powerful New Tools only available in TurboCAD Pro Platinum 20
  • New UV Mapping create more realistic and varied materials for rendering
  • New Associative Arrays create parametric patterns from a variety of entities 
  • New Split Face & Extrude Face Editing Tools for smooth surface mesh modeling
  • New Entity Marks to better track objects and add information
  • New Export Coordinate Data from the geometry in models and drawings 
  • ...and much more!

Greater Usability and Superior Performance in TurboCAD Pro 20
  • New RedSDK® v3 Rendering Engine makes several key operations 10 times faster!
  • New ACIS® R23 Modeling Engine advances performance and flexibility
  • New 3D PDF filter to export 3D models to PDF for interactive viewing
  • Improved AutoCAD 2013 (DWG) maximizes workflow with AutoCAD®
  • New AutoCAD LT work-a-like mode with dynamic input and command line
  • ...and much more!

More New Features since Your Last Upgrade

Many more new and improved features and tools have been added since you last upgraded including:
  • Performance enhancements with 64-Bit compatibility, GPU accelerated drawing enhancements, and multi-threading support
  • Powerful new tools like smooth surface mesh modeling and editing tools, new house wizard, new PDF underlay and much more
  • Easier visualization with a new material editor and LightWorks engine updates
  • Programming and interoperability enhancements including ruby scripting, 3D print option, many improved file filters, and Windows 8 support

Plus, free telephone and email technical support is only offered by IMSI/Design to owners of the latest 3 versions. Don’t get caught without live support from our trained technicians. Upgrade today!

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