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ABS Materials

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ABS 3D Printing Material

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is considered to be the second easiest material to work with when you start 3D printing. ABS is an engineering polymer commonly used to produce car bumpers due to its toughness and strength. It’s also the stuff that Lego blocks are made of…tough enough but safe enough for the kids to handle!

Please note however, consideration must be made when printing larger objects – thermal stress can cause ABS to warp as the part cools.

ABS is suitable to make light, rigid, molded products with good shock absorbance and wear resistance.


ABS does not require any curing or post-production treatment, however should you wish to, ABS can be sanded and coated with automotive spray filler. ABS can also be painted over with acrylic paint.

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