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Custom Parts

Imagine being able to create custom made parts, whenever you need them!

3D printers and kits revolutionize the low volume manufacture of plastic components delivering real parts in real time. With these machines, you can also get ahead of the game with new product designs, packaging or tooling.

Create and print real parts within the comfort of your home office or workshop. Ideal when space is a challenge, The Cube fits neatly onto any desktop and do not require direct PC connectivity.

Both the Cube and the Cube X printers are fast and easy to set up, perfect for getting started quickly. Combined with the full power of TurboCAD, you’ll have everything you need to design and create custom parts with ease!

Case Study

Richard Smith – Robotic Control and Automation Ltd
Richard has prototyped parts for many projects including rockets, a bird-shaped UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and traction systems for robots.

“The [3D printer] has made possible projects which we would never otherwise have considered possible. It has become an invaluable part of our research and planning. Most of our projects feature parts printed using it.”

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