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Design Prototyping

Bring your 3D CAD designs & drawings to life!

3D printers offer the most cost-effective way to get from 3D design to physical proof-of-concept. Save time and money from the early stages of product development with the ability to test the “human factor” on your product design and avoid costly mistakes.

The Cube and Cube X is fast and easy to set up, perfect for getting started quickly. Combined with the advanced 3D design power and photorealistic rendering capabilities of TurboCADl, it’s everything you need to go from concept to presentation.

Case Study

Richard Smith – Robotic Control and Automation Ltd
Richard has prototyped parts for many projects including rockets, a bird-shaped UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and traction systems for robots.

“The [3D printer] has made possible projects which we would never otherwise have considered possible. It has become an invaluable part of our research and planning. Most of our projects feature parts printed using it.”

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