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Product Mockups

Teach, Demonstrate, Evaluate and Sell!

Whether your project is small or large, printers save time and money creating scaled 3D models of designs or full-scale product samples. Members of your sales and marketing team can more easily demonstrate and sell new design ideas. This low cost option may even allow you to create samples to send out to potential customers. With the product sample in hand, you’ll make a greater impression and can wait to produce in quantity until you have the orders from your customers.

Case Study

Italian Dam Project

A civil engineering office in northern Italy has designed a new dam in order to meet the water crises that occur in summertime. For the presentation of the project, the client will use some renderings to help to assess the environmental impact of the work, and a 3D print of the area including the dam.
Marco Giubelli of Sigma Design was commissioned to do this work and produce the 3D prints.

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