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Science & Education

3D printers provide an affordable way to ignite the imaginations of students and take them beyond the theory of CAD/CAM.

With 3D printers, students are able to design and create three dimensional models in the classroom, right before their own eyes. They are indispensable tools for learning.

Whether you are in a classroom or lab, the Cube and CubeX 3D printer are two very practical and hands-on machines.

3D Printers:

  • Allow students to develop tangible design and engineering skills
  • Are ideal to develop cross-curricular links between Design & Technology (STEM) and Geography, History, Math and Science lessons 
  • Enable students to print both prototypes and real components/items for their projects and coursework

IMSI/Design offers both the single head Cube desktop 3D printer as well as the larger CubeX printer, available in single, double, and triple head.  Combine with any TurboCAD 3D software and you’ll have everything your students needs to go from idea, to CAD, to manufactured product!

Case Study

Richard Smith – Robotic Control and Automation Ltd
Richard has prototyped parts for many projects including rockets, a bird-shaped UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and traction systems for robots.

“The [3D printer]  has made possible projects which we would never otherwise have considered possible. It has become an invaluable part of our research and planning. Most of our projects feature parts printed using it.”

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Case Study 2

Dave White - Mt St Helens 3D Terrain Printing
Dave White explores the geographic changes of Mount Saint Helens, and using satellite data from before and after it’s eruption in 1980, produces 3D models comparing the mountain terrain.

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