Attention Machinists: CAM Plug-in for TurboCAD Pro now works with TurboCAD 2015

Published : 07/02/2015 16:37:59
Categories : General

For machinists, the latest release of TurboCAD Pro 2015 and TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015 has been configured to work with the CAM Plug-in for TurboCAD Pro. With this plug-in, TurboCAD can generate native G-code for your machining equipment. 

If you already own the CAM Plug-in for a previous version of TurboCAD, you can download the latest version for free so it works with new TurboCAD Pro 2015 or TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015. Visit the CAM Plug-in for TurboCAD Pro product page to learn more

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