Beginner & Advanced Tutorial- Custom Symbol & Folder Creation

Published : 09/23/2020 06:31:49

Beginner Tutorial: Symbol Creation

TurboCAD for MAC can be used for any discipline.  Mechanical drafting, Electrical engineering, Architectural design, conceptual modeling, pretty much anything you can think of you can use TurboCAD for.  Because of the flexibility of the software, we have included a symbols library, with over 36000 symbols, that spans a large verity of drafting fields.  But there will be times where you can not find what you want in our library and you need to create your own. In this video, we show you how to add your own symbols to the programs existing symbols library.

Watch the video to learn and see the application of symbol creation:


Advanced Tutorial- Symbol Folder Structure

Now that we have discussed saving your own symbols to the program's symbols library. Let's get a little more technical and talk about organizing those symbols.  The symbols are saved into a user folder within the symbols library. But did you know you can access this user folder and create a complete folder structure to organize all your custom symbols?  In this video, we will show you how. 

Watch the video to learn and see the application of creating a symbol folder structure:

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