Fillet Edges (blend) tool improvements.

Published : 04/20/2019 03:40:42

Three Blend Types added:

1) Curvature continuous blending to create the explicit blends. The blend surface will be curvature-continuous with both faces. To make it you should

  1. Define Radius, using inspector bar

  2. Select Edge by click

It is single click blend. You cannot select more than one edge.


2) Fixed width blend Creates a blend with a fixed width between the two spring curves of the blend. The actual blend radius is calculated implicitly along the blend to produce a blend with a constant cross-sectional width.

To make it you should

  1. Define width,

  2. Select edges,

  3. Finish


3) Three-face blends, for a variable radius three face blend. The blend surface will be tangent to all three support faces. The cross section of the blend surface is circular and the variable radius of the blend is driven by the requirements of tangency to the surfaces

To make it you should

  1. Select Left face

  2. Select Right Face

  3. Select Center Face


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