Helpful Hints & Quick Tips PowerPack – Thread, Gear & Unroll

Published : 12/30/2021 22:30:23
Categories : General , 2D Drafting , Advanced 3D Modeling

TurboCAD Upgrade Center

The PowerPack is an add-on for both the Deluxe and Pro versions of TurboCAD for MAC v12.  PowerPack contains over 100 tools centered on 3D printing and sheet metal design.

PowerPack includes tools to prepare your 3D models for printing, as well as repair any issues that may prevent the part from printing.

PowerPack also includes a number of powerful tools that are very useful outside the world of 3D printing.

In this week's video, we will discuss the Gear, Thread and Unroll tools, in PowerPack, and how they are used in these design and manufacturing areas.

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