PaulTheCAD's Tips - Introduction to 3D

Published : 12/07/2016 08:29:48
Categories : General , 2D Drafting

It was using TurboCAD when I first started drawing in 3D with a CAD system. I’d been drawing in 2D both on drawing boards and various CAD systems all my life, so how difficult could drawing in 3D be? Well it turned out to be an extremely frustrating time, not really because it was difficult, but trying to learn from the manual was just impossible and I had no one to ask basic questions, clearly I needed help.

So I flew to Saskatoon, in Canada, and spent a few days with Don Cheke, a true TurboCAD expert and a very patient man. After that I was away.

I have made a few training films which I hope will explain in clear simple English the elements of drawing in 3D, the first is here.

Paul Tracey

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