Perfection – Val Carter Reviews TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017

Published : 03/15/2017 11:16:13
Categories : General , 2D Drafting

Not only am I a dedicated user of the TurboCAD product, I have been the content developer of various training products for IMSI for over 16 years.  What started out as a simple training manual back in 2000 has grown into a wide range of products catering entirely to the growing feature list of this amazing CAD software.  I have had the benefit of working with several CAD products over the years, but I can honestly say that TurboCAD continues to amaze me with its impressive range of new and improved features year after year.  This is a product which is truly multi-dimensional, taking the user from a simple 2D sketch into a fully detailed, 3-dimensional model with full photo-realistic rendering capabilities with remarkable ease. 

The Pro-Platinum edition has a gutsy sheet metal design element with enhanced bend options and a rugged sub-divisional modelling facility, with fluid editing of facets, edges and transitional surfaces.  However, what was most apparent this year is the amount of work the company has put into the creation of rock-solid operational stability as well as the introduction of project integration methodologies such as a new Time Stamp feature, allowing information gathering and project collaboration to occur in real time.  For those who use CAD for architectural designs, there are some really impressive time-saving design aids such as the Stair by Linework and the Multi-Storey House Wizard which allow immense creativity whilst still maintaining true design integrity.

IMSI’s impressive range of affordable CAD software is reinforced by an amazing team of professionals, most of whom I’ve the pleasure of collaborating with over the years.  Their dedication to the creation of increasingly more impressive features is matched only by their utter professionalism and commitment to client support.  I’ve frequently seen the tagline ‘Power, Precision, Performance applied to their products.  They should surely add Perfection to this !


Val Carter

Tri-CAD Technologies 2017

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