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Published : 05/19/2016 10:02:53
Categories : General

The Mac version of TurboCAD opens showing a row of titles and it is up to you to open the tools that you want to use - the PC version works the other way around.

When you first install the PC version you see tools around both sides and along the top. Some of these tools will be of use to you, but many will probably be of no use and therefore just get in your way, take up space and maybe confuse you. In the simplest terms, if you are mainly working in 2D, you don’t need an icon for lighting.

So, just as if you were working at a drawing board, you need to set your working area up so that tools you need all the time are near and rarely used tools are further away.

The attached film shows you how to customise your screen for your project. You obviously don’t have to follow all my recommendations, pick and choose as you wish. For example, he screen defaults to a dark surround, personally I think it ‘closes’ the drawing area and I have no idea why anyone would want to work that way, but some do, so you have the choice.

The film does not show all the possibilities for changing the UI, but it does explain the main features.

Good luck


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