Two Technologies That Will Change The World

Published : 05/02/2017 13:13:37
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Every once in a while a thing comes along that changes the world.  And, sometimes, the world is lucky enough to have two such innovations at the same time.

Such is the case with the "Internet of Things" -- or IoT -- the major trend in technology.

And, such is the case with Gumstix's Geppetto -- doing for electronics prototyping what Object Oriented Programming did for coding:  Completely changing the game.

You're going to hear a lot about IoT from now on, that is if you haven't already.  Think of IoT as the next great technology wave, connecting everything with everything.

Why would we want to do that?  Because that means my house can tell me it wants to turn down the heat because no one is in it... or my car can tell me about problems before I get stranded on the side of the road... or my blood pressure or digestive system can check in with my doctor before I derail, too.

How big is IoT?  It effects everything in the world, that's how big.

But to do that, you need a very small piece of hardware that can attach everything to the IoT.

Traditionally that tiny piece of hardware -- sometimes called an electronic device, or a smart device, or even an embedded system -- is pretty complex to design.  

You start with sophisticated electrical engineers, that have to know all about resistors and capacitors and inductors and routing paths and such, that use very sophisticated (and expensive!) desktop software, that create designs that require sophisticated operating system programmers to create very small, custom operating systems to run such designs, QA people to test such designs, documentation people to create instructions so that application programmers can code for the design, schematics, layouts, gerbers, and bill-of-materials so manufacturers can produce the designs, and so on.

The whole prototyping process can take up to a year and can cost well past $40,000... and that's just for the initial prototype device!

Enter game-changing technology Gumstix Geppetto.

Geppetto is a cloud-based design and production shop for IoT/electronic devices.  It can delivery production-quality prototypes in just 15 business days... 10x as fast than the traditional process... 1/10th as cheap... in a completely abstracted drag & drop environment -- which means that you don't have to be an electrical engineer to use.  

Gumstix Geppetto Layout

How does it work? ‘Blocks’ or modules of functionality are simply dragged & dropped in Geppetto.  Geppetto handholds you through the design process, letting you know when additional components are necessary (like a power supply), what routing options you may have, and so on.  You never have to fuss with resistors, capacitors, inductors, or such, all of that is done automatically for you.  When your design gets green lighted, you're ready for 3D rendering and, of course, online ordering.  Geppetto integrates into backend production and everything needed to produce a production-quality system -- schematic, layout, gerbers, bill-of-materials, etc. -- is automatically created.  PCB printing, component sourcing, and fabrication of the finished product is also automatically done for you.

And -- for those of you that have already tried to create IoT/electronic devices please sit down -- the board is bootable on delivery!  Geppetto automatically creates, loads, and tests a custom kernel for you, as well as automatically creating the documentation your app programmers will need.

Gumstix Geppetto supports all the popular components in the market, including processors from Intel, NXP, Raspberry Pi, Torodex, BeagleBone, and Critical Link.

Best, Geppetto plays incredibly well with TurboCAD, which we know is of interest since up to half of TurboCAD users use TC for prototyping, product, and electronic design activities. From Geppetto, a 3D, fully dimensionalized board -- including exact position of mounting holes and components -- easily exports into TurboCAD via STL, making the precise design of necessary casings or mechanics within TurboCAD a breeze.

TurboCAD and Geppetto:  All the tools you need to create IoT devices... and, of course, to change the world!  Happy Making!


And a special introductory offer:  Gumstix will offer all TurboCAD readers 1.5 hours of free design consultation with purchase -- that's a $262.50 value!  Simply reference "TCADOFFER" when requesting design help either in email or by phone.  (Expiration 6/30/17)



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