IMSI/Design Ships New TurboCAD Deluxe 2015

TurboCAD Deluxe 2015 Availability and Pricing

Redsdk® GPU-Accelerated Drawing and Rendering Engine, Customizable Object Manipulation, and Updated AutoCAD® and SketchUp® File Support Top the List of New Features


 NOVATO, Calif., March 19 , 2015 – IMSI®/Design,the developer of the #1 best-selling CAD in retail, announced today the release of new TurboCAD Deluxe version 2015.


Topping the list of new features is the new RedSDK GPU-accelerated drawing and rendering engine by Redway3d. Previously only available with TurboCAD Pro, this drawing engine utilizes the power of supported on-board GPU or graphics boards for faster panning, zooming, and orbiting. It also provides photorealistic and artistic rendering capabilities for presenting designs.


"TurboCAD Deluxe continues to one the best products for optimizing your design process, regardless if you are a professional designer, engineer or home hobbyist,” stated Bob Mayer, President of IMSI/Design. “When it comes to price performance and value, TurboCAD Deluxe is at the top.”

Additional TurboCAD Deluxe 2015 new and improved features include:

  • New Conceptual Selector that allows users to customize any visual and editing parameters available in the application (eg. Move, scale, or rotate) to manipulate and modify 3D objects like never before.
  • Updated AutoCAD® (DWG/DXF) read/write filters for 2015.
  • New SketchUp (SKP) read/write filter based on SketchUp 2015.
  • Improved TurboCAD Nudge function now offers more efficient pick-up and placement of selected object(s) using the numbers pad.
  • New Contact Manager & File Sharing provides the ability to create and maintain contact lists and send files to individuals or groups from within TurboCAD.
  • Improved Block/Group Editing allows users to snap to objects outside the block or group while in block/group edit mode.
  • New Dimension Units Format ‘By Drawing’ to globally define dimension units at the drawing level.
  • Improved Dimension Text can now be set to non-rotatable. With this property selected, dimension text will always face the user no matter the orientation of the drawing.
  • Sorted Layers in Drop Down Lists sorts the Layers in the drop down and simple lists as per the Design Director. If you change the control view order in Design Director the same ordering will be in all other Layer controls.
  • Improved Trim Tools now trim hatched or closed objects and maintain the hatch or closure.
  • Improved Join Polyline Tool now works on Beziers and splines without converting them to a polyline, so that their original curve status is maintained.
  • New Visual Effects for Imported Images controls the brightness, contrast, saturation, and transparency for any image that has been added to a TurboCAD drawing.
  • More Flexible UI allows users to resize dialog boxes as needed for their design environment, adjusting the screen size, resolution, and more.

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